Terms used in the catalogue:


Archival term for where the record can be found in the hierarchical structure of the catalogue. The levels used in the RCSI Heritage Collections catalogue are as follows


The highest level of description. It represents the entire collection and gives an overview of its contents (eg. The Gogarty Collection).

Section, Sub-section

These are the next levels below collection in the hierarchy of the catalogue (eg. Correspondence in the Gogarty Collection).

Series, Sub-series

These are a series of records within a section (eg. Personal Correspondence in the Gogarty Collection).


This is the lowest level of description in the hierarchy of the catalogue. It can describe a casebook, photograph album or an individual letter (eg. Noll Gogarty card in Personal Correspondence in the Gogarty Collection).

Ref No.

Short for Reference Number. Each collection is assigned a unique identifier or reference number. You will need this number if you wish to access and consult material from the catalogue.

Extent & Medium

This tells you the quantity of material contained within the collection (eg. 2 boxes, 9 volumes)

Admin Biographical History

This provides contextual information about the collection. It can include historical and/or biographical information on the institute or individual.

Scope & Content

This contains information referring to the content of the collection (eg. Contains draft of novels, radio plays and correspondence)

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